We offer the opportunity to precisely machine geometrically complex workpieces with industrial robots.
During the machining, the robot is supported by additional guiding systems or is locked in case of the highest precision requirements.
Especially for large workpieces with free form surface and tight production tolerances our machine concept is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a normal machining centre.
The robot is operated and programmed by the KUKA-Siemens interface Sinumerik 840D sl. The machine operator does not need to have knowledge of robot programming.

Robot as a machine tool

  • Robot machining cells

    Robot carries out all machining and processing steps of the workpiece as well as any subsequent handling.

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  • 3D sawing station

    Robot-guided band saw for the pointing of profiles in any position of the workpiece

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  • Vacuum setting cell

    Careful handling of coils. Ergonomic, manual binding with automated palletizing.