Grinding machines

With the complete takeover of Donautec GmbH as of 01.10.2019, our team was strengthened by experienced employees from the grinding technology sector. As a result, we can now also offer modular grinding machines for cylindrical and non-round machining.

DT 100 IA

The DT 100 IA masters the complex internal and external machining of small workpieces, including transfer. The linked system grinds the inside diameter, faces or outside diameter of small chuck and shaft parts – highly precisely via separate axes. The DT 100 IA also allows the use of in-process and post-process measuring devices. For the highest quality and safety in the product result!

DT 600 SK

The DT 600 SK has established itself as a multifunctional machining centre for efficient grinding, milling and turning. The 5-axis kinematics system enables flange-shaped parts to be produced in one operation. The advantage is fast, efficient production with maximum precision.


VIPA processes flange-shaped workpieces inside, outside and faces – in one clamping. The components are set up before and outside of the 5-axis system. An integrated probe measures the part before and after grinding to ensure its perfect position.

DT 2000 ZPS

The DT 2000 ZPS grinds the centre as well as a frontal profile of shafts in one clamping. The shafts are dynamically aligned on the DT 2000 ZPS in advance and the centre is then also dynamically ground. In order to guarantee a perfect position of the profile, measurements are taken before and after profile grinding using an integrated measuring probe.

DT 3000 SRK

The external and jig grinding machine DT 3000 SRK offers the possibility to measure, to adjust and to machine orthogonal arranged surfaces completely in one clamping / setup.