Machine Tools

End processing machine

The EBM end processing machine was developed for the machine engineering of shafts, such as steering racks and stub axles, in series production. What‘s revolutionary is that the workpiece does not rotate; instead, it is processed in a stationary clamping device. This dramatically improves the execution quality and at the same time extends the service life of the tools. Depending on the processing task, the workpiece is machined on one or both sides with up to three spindles per side.

Machining centre

Special-purpose machine with two turrets for the drilling and milling of profiles.

Interconnected systems

Changeover-free, interconnected system for end machining and brush finishing of shafts.

Rotary tansfer machine

e.g. Brushing and finishing machine: Drum machine with eight stations for the brushing and longitudinal polishing of shafts.

Multi drilling machines

e.g. drilling machine for seven-spindle simultaneous machining of gear parts.